Partner of Choice to Pioneers building Consumer Businesses

We are an early-stage venture firm that invests in Digital Consumer Businesses and their Enablers. As institutional investors, rigor and deep engagement are core to our style of investing

Who Are We?

Early-stage venture firm led by experienced investors with a passion for consumer businesses

Your First Institutional Investor

We invest in exciting consumer businesses (& their enablers) from Seed to Series A.

Lead with Conviction

We prefer to lead or co-lead rounds

Sector Focus

Consumer businesses and their Enablers

Ticket Size

'First cheque' sizes of INR 10-150 million

Subsequent Rounds

We have reserved significant capital for follow on investment in our portfolio companies

Partner of Choice

We’ve been helping founders build businesses through good times and bad for two decades

Partner of Choice

It is an exciting time to be a consumer founder. We understand that choosing an investor is an important decision. We believe we are the Right Partners for founders looking to build large businesses while remaining true to first principles and sound business fundamentals.

Allies to Founders

If you are the One, think of us as Morpheus; We like to be on the same side as our founders; your 2 am call; we are someone you can share bad news with.

Accelerators of Growth

We help you think big AND execute; our network is your network.

Partners in Brand Building

Patience and consistency are crucial to brand journeys (we have seen twenty of them play out).

Organization Builders

We work with you to hire and retain the right talent; build the right organization for high and sustainable growth.

Unlocking Access to Capital

We help you refine the narrative and provide simplified access to diverse funding options; so that you spend less time on fundraising and more on building the business

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